Tuesday, October 13, 2015

30 June 2015 Eagle Marsh

Eagle Marsh lies just behind a usual hotel stop in Fort Wayne. I've been here before to see nesting hawks and walked one of the longer stretches of trail. With two or three long walks remaining to find all the caches here, this is the best remaining spot in Fort Wayne for hiking a bit when in town. I started out this evening with the hope of being able to hike to the north side of the ponds, see some wildlife and find two or three caches. The rains of the past week shut down that plan about a quarter mile into the walk. The water on the trail was knee deep and more. Off to the side of the trail the wetlands took over with deeper water still. I knew my first plan was defeated and turned back.

The towpath trail made a better (drier) choice and offered two unfound multis. I was surprised to see how far along the echinacea was. The blossoms here appeared to be near the end while in Ohio, they would just be opening.

The poppies at the edge of the marsh looked like an escapee from a nearby garden.

The goldfinches were feasting on the thistle.

They weren't the only birds in the dense thistle.

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