Saturday, October 15, 2016

29 May 2016 Unexpected Rain

The day started off perfectly. We enjoyed seeing rhododendrons in bloom at the house, took a walk in our woods, and finished some outdoor chores.

We finished the chores and headed to Hatch Run to continue seeking the cache series in the area. It looked like a great day to be on the trail.

We had a great time playing nature nuts.

We even made a stop at the bridge for another look for our long-running dnf. We successfully managed to miss the find once again.

If we had been able to see the future, we would have stopped there. Instead we headed northwest and upwards towards a back portion of the property. We both saw darker clouds but dismissed them with a quick 'it's not supposed to rain.' By the time we got near the first hide there the clouds to the west were looking sinister. Then the wind began to whip up. We doggedly looked for a cache while the weather moved in. When we abandoned the search, it was too late. We were well away from safety and in one of the worst storms I have seen on the trail. It's tough to navigate a trail by yourself in intense driving rain. With two terrified dogs, it was nearly impossible. We slowly made our way in the direction of parking hoping the storm would pass and a terrified Lizzie would not stop and lie down from fear any more. We were completely, totally soaked and chilled by the time the last of the rain passed. We made our last bit of the walk to our ute and a squishy, wet ride home.

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