Friday, October 28, 2016

4 June 2016 More of the Moths

We enjoyed our walk in this area of the ANF over the Memorial Day weekend so we returned to find the rest of the series. We knew before we parked that the moths which were everywhere on our last visit were at least as abundant today. They were on our windshield as we drove the last bit to parking.

Our Subaru was a moth magnet.

This swallowtail at rest looks like a sleek glider.

Lizzie never passes by a chance to rest at a cache location.

Cinnamon ferns looked great today along the edge of the trail.

I thought this section of the trail was more scenic than our last visit. For at least part of our journey we had a small stream flowing next to us.

We also had raindrops for part of the hike.

This is not an area visited often. At times the trail was overgrown.

Eventually, we came back to the stream where there was a tiny footbridge made from open grating. I was not going to pass on a crossing and was able to convince Phineas to be brave and cross. Lizzie was having none of that and waited with Ali for our return.

I had seen oxalis leaves at different parts of our walk. I finally spotted some blossoms near a point on the trail where we encountered a really upset woodpecker. There were holes up high in a dead wood of a few trees not far from the trail. I was sure it was protecting a nest, but never got a glimpse of the young woodpeckers it appeared to be trying to feed.

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