Wednesday, February 22, 2017

16 September 2016 Albion Fair

We visit the Albion Fair as often as my schedule allows. Without Ali, the goats are lonely. :)

We usually find something new to watch and enjoy at the fair. We often watch some horse competition, but the walking two-horse hitch was something different. One person two horses and multiple moves made for some very interesting results and sometimes two horses racing around the pen with little or no control from their handlers. When it worked, it was an image of power and grace.

790# on the left beats 610# in the largest pumpkin competition.

Jerome Case started making farm equipment as the Racine Threshing Machine Works in 1842. The early steam powered machines were clearly visible with a prominent eagle cast on the boiler door. This one is still functional and runs annually at the Albion Fair. This was a steel wheel machine at one time. the rear wheels are correct for the time but have been altered by removing the steel blades and strapping tread to the rims, The front tires are a modification for the unit allowing it to be rolled over paved surfaces. I try not to be too close to the ancient boiler when it is pressurized, but it is quite a survivor.

We were sad to not be able to ride the very old carousel. Apparently, the fair is having troubles finding someone qualified to operate the unit.

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