Sunday, January 27, 2008

27 January 2008 On the Road Again

If I had one of those mood indicator icons on this page, today would be crabby. I have been at the office so much lately that I am having problems with the lack of daylight. It seems that every sunny day passes by from my office window and is followed by mostly grey sunless days on the weekend.

I had to travel today. I didn't really want to. Actually, I didn't mind the traveling. I'll get to meet another staff member this week, but I didn't want to do it on Sunday because so many places close down Sunday evenings. Mars, Pennsylvania is no different. Despite persistent snowfall, I had an easy drive here and my new gps is a gem for finding things with addresses. Once I had checked in, I took a ride to look for some place to settle my urge to wander. I was really glad to see a Barnes and Noble. Yes, it was time to look for some music to add to the Ipod. Oops, some genius at B/N decided to take out the music section and replace it with this huge kids book section. Wahhhhhh... they were one of the few places that occasionally had music I would buy. I hope this isn't a trend. No music... no reason to stay.

Back at the hotel, I topped off a four-walled evening with a new cell phone that appears to be broken. I got a new phone last week so my e-mails can be forwarded. I got it on Friday, it seems to have died some time today. :-( On the bright side,we added a new county today. Yep it was a wimpy one. I didn't get the second find to change the map color.

The photos are a change of pace for me. The cannon is a leftover from a garrison used to protect Franklin during the Indian Wars. Seems like a bit of overkill, but it was a nice piece of old casting workmanship. The headstone was kinda eerie. Yesterday at the event we picked up a Harry Potter themed travel bug that was left at the end of the day. I dragged the bug out to that cache to drop it. After I placed the bug and returned the container, I looked up and the first headstone I saw was for Riddle. A little spooky... huh? For some reason, my camera went bonkers when I tried to take the photo of the headstone. Everytime I tried to zoom the camera turned off. It has worked fine since then. Hmmmm.

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