Friday, May 09, 2008

27 April 2008 Forest County with Liz and Wes

Our friends Liz and Wes were about to find their 2000th cache, it was Liz' birthday, and we were in town. It seemed like a great chance to spend an afternoon visiting and enjoying spring. The big milestone came at a really nice AGT cache, Counterfeiter's Den. The rocks were amazing and begged to be crawled on. After that, we headed over to Logan's Falls. Wes wanted to stamp his AGT book and Liz had never been to the original Logans Falls cache. When we leaving the cache, Ali spotted leaves of one of the first orchids of the spring. After meeting a large garter snake in a small stream, we headed to the falls for a pleasant lunch. A few more gentle caches and we were on our way. We walked our place before heading home and caught one more glimpse of the spring's finest wildflowers.

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