Monday, May 12, 2008

3 May 2008 First Stash Picnic

Once upon a time there was a geocache in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It was one of the first caches (or stashes as they were called back then) ever hidden. It remained in place until the National Park Service rangers discovered it. They were so unhappy they placed a plaque at the site to warn off future geocachers. That was until today.

A local cacher, Hiking Viking, had the idea to rent a picnic area in the park and host a geocaching event. It was a great idea. Dan went all out with a really cool path tag for the event and temporary containerless caches to take people all over the park.

We were a little late, but met up with our friends Kathy and Mary Jo for a return of Team Nature Nutz. Ali and I had spent very little time at Cuyahoga while our friends spent lots of their youth there. We spent the day learning stories of the park and hearing things that a casual visitor would never be lucky enough to experience. Our tour guides also knew all about the ice cave within the park.

As National Parks go, Cuyahoga Valley is a strange mix of nice hiking and touristy activities. There scenic train that runs through the park offered one of our teamies a chance to flirt with the friendly, young ranger running the train station. He may never be the same. :-) Even two huge downpours that drenched us both times failed to slow down the fun today. Well done Dan!

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