Wednesday, February 17, 2010

15 February 2010 "...It's in Ronald McDonald Land."

I needed to travel to Carlisle today. The weather forecasters couldn't get their story straight, but most said it wouldn't start snowing in northeast Ohio until 2-3pm. Great, I thought. If I leave at noon, I can get within an hour of Carlisle before the snow gets going. They were wrong! I was stupid for believing.

I was about an hour from Snowshoe when the show started. By the time I reached Seven Mountains, we were driving in a pack 20 miles an hour behind a Penn DOT cinder truck. We were all going slowly enough in the eastbound to see that a big semi in the westbound lanes had mangled a car. For the next five miles or so, I got to count the emergency vehicles heading up Seven Mountains, 1,2,3,4...

Despite the weather and a bit of slow moving on the road, I still made it to Carlisle only two hours later than usual. Since I wasn't certain where I would stop for the night with the weather, I had not made reservations. My company requires us to make on-line reservations with a service that shall not be named so I needed to find a WiFi connection. There's a McDonalds less than a half mile from the hotel. I don't eat at McD's but will do just about anything for a WiFi connection so I stopped. The usual WiFi sign wasn't on the door so I thought I would confirm they had WiFi before placing my order. To my surprise when I asked about the WiFi connection the guy at the counter looked at me and said, "We do, but it's in Ronald McDonald Land and we're about to close that section." Huh? Is this so parents can surf while the kids play? Who's the webmaster, Mayor McCheese? I scooped up my laptop, spared my body the indignity of McD's and headed five miles down the road to a different establishment with WiFi (and better hot chocolate ;-) )

The evening had some bright spots including the open-for-business Twin Kiss Creamery. Yes, it was snowing, but I turned back and went in for an early taste of spring. Yum!

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