Sunday, February 21, 2010

19 February 2010 Caching Cumberland

Do I have to jump that?

My plans for the day were to stop at Bedford Springs to grab at least one cache to complete our requirements for the Pennsylvania Delorme Challenge. On Thursday I found a cache after dark. It was an lpc with a travel bug tossed under the light pole cover. When I got back to the hotel, I realized the travel bug was the key to a mystery cache. It was supposed to stay in Perry County. I decided to try leaving it somewhere near Carlisle which was at least the same county where I had found it and only one county from its goal. I had been to Middlesex Park before and figured I had the best shot at finding a cache there to drop the travel bug before heading to Bedford Springs. It's a nice park and the day was filled with sun, but the snow in Carlisle is really deep this year. A half-hour walk became almost two hours with a pair of dnf's. By the time I got back to parking my boots were soaked and my feet were bricks. I eventually found a cache near the edge of the county wearing a spare set of tennis shoes and no socks. I really wanted to cache my way home, but the tone was set for the day. After three dnf's in the deep snow at Bedford Springs and another in Bedford, I gave up and headed for Ohio.

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