Saturday, February 13, 2010

7 February 2010 New Cache Hides

The ice on Lake Erie was visible from the observation area at Orchard Hills.

We were still hunting for hiding locations to place a series of caches in Geauga Parks. Today we stopped at Orchard Hills. It was a perfect day for a lot of walking.

This park has a little bit of history from its old days as a golf course. (Readers who may geocache in Northeast Ohio can consider this information a spoiler for the puzzle that will be related to this cache.) The photo below is the 16th tee and the place where Piero "Pete" DiGravio met his demise in 1968. As he stood at the tee preparing for this dog-leg hole, a hit-man hiding in the nearby woods with a rifle ended the foursome by fatally shooting DiGravio.

This is the straight portion of the fairway where DiGravio was lining up his drive when the end came.

I wonder who was winning the round?

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