Thursday, June 03, 2010

15 May 2010 Rogues' Hollow

I never thought much about coal mining and northeast Ohio. Before this visit, the closest coal land I was aware of in Ohio were the strip pits and reclamation areas in Columbiana County. Rogues's Hollow near Doylestown was actually the home to over 200 mines between the mid 1840's and mid 1940's. The stories of the area tell of a time when there was a lot of money from mining and a lot of hard living with seven bars in an area that was easily covered on foot. Today Rogues' Hollow is a nature preserve and a historical property for the local historical society. It is also the home of some nice trails with Geocaches. We spent the afternoon walking and hunting caches. Near the end of the day, we had the pleasure of meeting the caretaker and learning first-hand of the history of the hollow.

This is a replica of the Chidester Woolen Mill which once operated at this location. Today this building is home to the caretaker and a small museum filled with artifacts of the area's past.

Near the mill and the entrance to the park is a restored 1890's coal car.

The ice house is long gone, but the shape of the ice pond can clearly be seen when walking the trails.

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