Tuesday, June 08, 2010

22 May 2010 ASP Geobash

We stopped on the way into the bash to say hi to Mick EMT who was directing parking. Once parked we realized we were a couple spots away from Dr. Neal's motorhome which was sporting a lot of mud. It seems the good Doctor found a spot of soft ground when he arrived. We were glad to see that all was well despite the mud and had a great time meeting the newest caching dog on his team.

We migrated to the main building and managed to gather around a whole host of friends. The Eastern Chums were out in force with Kathy, Mary Jo, and Chris. Rich joined the event Sunday, but it was after we had returned to Warren. Tom and his mom were joined by Snoop and a rare appearance was made by Rev. Mike.

There were over 1,000 attendees this year. Everyone seemed to have a great time. After the photo shoot I got to spend time with Colin and Ray and have a short visit with Peak Baggers.

Daisy Mae has been enjoying the food. She spent most of her time near the main building enjoying a generous helping of popcorn. As always, she was a lady and won the hearts of all.

There's no doubt this is by far my favorite event. Allegany State Park is a perfect location to hike around and meet friends. The event draws from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Canada so we always have the opportunity to see friends from so many places gathered together for the weekend.

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