Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 November 2010 Searching (and not finding) The Turtle Trail

This was a rough start to a week's vacation. Ali really wanted to do this cache. We headed into the woods expecting a five-mile hike through the four stages. We found stage one easily. The trip to stage two took forever through some brutal terrain. By the time we got to stage two we were just hoping to find that and leave time for a walk back to the truck before sunset. The stage is located at the end of rock ledge that drops off and into the Allegheny Reservoir. Ali tried first while I stayed with the dogs. After about ten minutes she returned with no find. It was my turn for a journey over the edge. I got to ground zero and dropped over the edge to a shelf. Once on the shelf I realized the shelf was unstable. I also realized I was a few feet from an unhappy porcupine. I gently extracted myself from the shelf; took a quick look around at a few other potential hiding spots; and decided maybe this one needed to go as a dnf. In the end, we were on the trail for almost seven miles. The highlight of our journey was finding these objects in the woods. I can only guess they were some part of an oil and gas rig.

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