Friday, December 24, 2010

19 December 2010 Whereigo in West Creek

Ali decided she really didn't like her Oregon 450 and wanted a 62S so I bought her the 62S for her birthday and she gave me the gently used 450 for mine. In the end, she really did not like the Oregon's touch screen. I admit they are impossible to use in a vehicle. Since I was still planning to use my Vista HCx for routing when traveling and really only looking for a gps for paperless caching, the Oregon is a good fit for me.

The Oregon now meant we could do Whereigo caches with my gps (and I could do them while traveling for work). There were five whereigo caches in the area we hadn't done so we decided to load up the Oregon and head out for them. It was a great plan except the Oregon no longer seems to be able to load new Whereigo cartridges. We both tried and both failed so we resorted to plan B which was trying the where you go app for my Droid. I had loaded the app previously, but found out I needed to update the app. I also needed to upload the cartridges to the phone. With the extra time getting the Droid ready, we were hoping to find three or four of the Whereigo's instead of the original five.

The photos are from the first Whereigo at West Creek. The Droid was flawless with the where you go app. The only problem we realized quickly was the Droid didn't have much charge for the battery. It is a work phone and I usually don't use it much on the weekend. In the end we had enough charge for two Whereigo's before the Droid gave out. They were fun caches.

After stopping for hot chocolate, we made our way to visit our favorite Christmas tree on the way home. A couple years ago a local newspaper noted how much this tree has grown. When we first moved to our home, it was about 40 feet. Now the tree is over 60 feet tall. It was a really dark evening and left only the outlines of the lights to see.

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