Wednesday, December 22, 2010

27 November 2010 Nebraska?

Yes, we were in Nebraska (Pennsylvania). There is a road under all that water and a road on the other side leading away from the bridge. Apparently, the bridge can be crossed when water levels drop far enough to expose the road surface and when the debris is cleared. Doesn't seem like great planning on someone's part, but it makes a great photo.

It was the weekend before the start of gun season for deer. Most other times I am comfortable with an orange vest, but deer season is pretty serious in PA. Despite that, we wanted to go caching so we oranged-up and headed out for some nice caches in Forest County. This was our first day of caching where there was really snow sticking.

We finished with a super walk at Beaver Meadows. It looks a lot different in November than it does in May.

The forest service has done some serious work at Beaver Meadows. They have replaced the old boardwalk with a new boardwalk. I was sad to see the old one go. For years, it had reached the stage where it sagged so far that each step on the boardwalk brought water over the side. It was the most adventuresome boardwalk around. Now the only one nearby that sinks like that is at the Jamestown Audubon.

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