Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 August 2011 Gully Brook Park

We stopped this evening for a walk at the newest Lake Metropark location. Gully Brook Park is near our homes and would make a nice addition to our rotation of walks. We were both eager to visit. There is a nice, shorter loop trail that winds through newer woods. For our visit this evening we were attacked by hordes of blood-thirsty mosquitoes. I think our return visit will be after the mosquitoes have died back.

After our park walk, we walked down the road to check out the gate at the Louis Penfield House. The home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is one of only three FLW homes that are available for rental. The rates are a little steep for our budget so the gate is as much as we see in person. It is an interesting gate and a very nice home from the available photos. It still has much of the original furniture which was designed by FLW.

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