Friday, November 25, 2011

2 September 2011 Geauga County Fair

We had a great bench seat to watch the hounds race across the pond. They were a no-show this afternoon. :-(

There were two pulls scheduled for the evening. The light-weight class was the Ohio State Championship with a heavy-weight pull to follow. The night was a little strange. About half-way through the light-weight pulls, half the fairgrounds lost power including the barns and the horse pull arena. They continued to pull into the sunset and early darkness, but watching became tough. I have no idea how the teams were being hitched in the dark. We finally gave up at the end of the light-weight pull.

Does a guy parachuting into the main arena make a wrestling match more legitimate?

I'm a sucker for old tractors. I would never have made a good farmer, but I would have enjoyed trying.

While a big part of the fairgrounds was in darkness the generators continued to power the lights and rides of the midway.

Everyone's a winner...

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