Sunday, November 20, 2011

26 August 2011 Fillmore Glen and Beyond

We planned to stop at Fillmore Glen to find a 2002 cache. We were once again pleased by the beauty of a New York state park and decided to spend more time exploring the park.

After the park our plans were to find some of the Great Lakes Seaway Geotrail. We hoped to complete the five sections of the trail in the spring, but could not arrange the trip. Today we were visiting caches in the central section of the five sections. Our Seaway Geotrail stops included the location of the boyhood home of Millard Fillmore. It's a nice spot for a cache, but is just a parking lot with an American flag overlooking a field. There's not much of the history of a president here.

One of the caches was placed along a closed road at this old iron bridge.

Our last stops for the evening were along a stream at a canoe launch. The barn in the background gave a nice backdrop for the end of the day.

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