Saturday, January 14, 2012

9 December 2011 Caching in December

It just didn't seem like December. The weather was wonderful. I started wandering toward home and saw these caches with the unremarkable name of KACCE1-12. For a while I was wondering if something had loaded strangely in my gps. I finally looked at the cache page and realized these were twelve caches hidden in the Hidden Valley Scout Reservation in Loysville, PA. Twelve ammo can caches in the woods were too much of a good thing to pass by. With a short hunt, I was able to locate the required parking area, and as I was parking the ranger arrived and gave me permission. It was a very pleasant way to grab a bonus sunny hike in December.

I got greedy after the Scout caches and stopped for one last ammo can in a quiet park with a nice stream running along the back of the park. The sunset as I headed toward the Juniata was the last highlight of my day. About two hours of driving in snow conditions awaited me near the Ohio border.

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