Tuesday, August 27, 2013

20 May 2013 Hiding Golden Bisquits Ohio

Gwen and Eva are our caching companions and more. Since we travel back and forth between two states, they are with us most of the time. They have also been a part of our most memorable geocaching adventures. Rather than creating a dog account as a number of cachers have, we decided in the early days to make them a travel bug so we could track the places they visited with us. Since Becky was still alive and cached with us in the early days, the Three-Headed Geodog seemed an appropriate name for the team. Eva and Gwen have been a pair for a number of years now, but the name worked for us.

In keeping with the custom of providing a golden ammo can for a cacher reaching 1,000 finds we wanted to do something to mark the Geodogs 1,000 finds. Rather than place a golden ammo can, I wanted to play on a favorite record album of my youth. Golden Bisquits was the greatest hits album of Three Dog Night. It seemed like a fitting name for the cache. I was able to find gold duct tape and cut dog biscuit shapes from the gold tape to decorate the camo container.

We chose a place in South Chagrin where there is very little traffic and we had previously had a fun adventure with Gwen and Eva. Years ago Cleveland Metroparks placed a cache along a trail above the Chagrin River. At the time we had no idea the metroparks even owned the trail. This evening we returned for another fun walk and to place this cache.

After locating the cache we dropped back down to the Chagrin River and took a brief walk along the trail for another visit to see the wonderful wild hyacynths which carpet this area.

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