Friday, September 13, 2013

24 May 2013 37 Degrees

When a holiday weekend arrives, it has to be enjoyed no matter what the weather deals, but 37 degrees in Memorial Day weekend is a little tough to smile through. Add a bit of cold rain and a strong wind, and you have a rough day for caching. We had set aside this day to hunt some of the Legacy of Conservation series. Time was running short to complete the trail so we could not afford to be picky. Despite the rain and the cold, it was a fun, memorable day.

After a few warm-up finds, our first Legacy of Conservation stop was Kinzua Bridge State Park. The weather hit its low point here as we stopped at the old bridge site before heading to the cache. I remember the bridge standing so I am always sad when I visit here to see the wreck of this beautiful structure. Our journey to the cache was made much rougher when we missed the trail. Thankfully we were able to avert disaster when Eva decided to head to a porcupine along the trail. Ali saw where she was headed and I pulled her back just before the worst could happen.

Happy Geo-Babies

On the way to one of the Legacy caches, someone was fishing very near at this stream. He had moved on by the time our journey brought us back enabling us a chance to find the nearby cache.

This was an interesting find on our journey.

Clintonia and painted trilliums awaited us on our journey to umbrella rock

Gwen took a brief nap in a long day while we were visiting Umbrella Rock.

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