Saturday, September 21, 2013

26 May 2013 Legacy of Conservation

We spent the day finding four of the Legacy of Conservation caches with Gwen and Eva. It was a long ride and the weather was warm so we had to make plenty of stops to keep them with sufficient water. Our first Lagacy stop was at Elk State Forest for a second visit to Dobby's Home. Our last visit was to a historical site with large banks of coke ovens. It was a super day with a lot of walking and some great sites.

The coke oven cache was a big surprise. We have seen a large bank of smaller ovens in Columbiana County Ohio, but they do not compare to the size and number of ovens at this location. I was concerned about taking both Eva and Gwen to the site since they had both been on the trails for a long day, but they did well.

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