Friday, March 14, 2014

11 October 2013 Treman State Park

This was my second visit to Treman State Park. I had stopped by in early spring to hunt the geocache in the park. At that time most of the trails in the park were closed to keep visitors away from potential injuries on ice. This afternoon some of the trails were open, and the park was doing a brisk business with weekend arrival for fall camping. My hunt for the geocache ended about 350 feet from ground zero with two barricades blocking the small walkway over the stream. I was really happy that my visit and walk let me stop and visit the super waterfall in the park. Hopefully, I can make a return trip when the trails are open to hunt for the cache and explore more trails.

350 feet and two barricades from the cache. :( There's always next spring.

We visited this wetlands area in western Cattaraugus County a number of years ago while completing one of the county's geotrails. There are new caches there, and it was a nice opportunity to walk and enjoy sunset before the last stretch of the trip home.

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