Sunday, March 16, 2014

12 October 2013 Caching Forest County

We headed south today to cache an old railroad grade. One the way we made a stop or two along the Allegheny River to hunt a couple caches and see if we could spot any migrating birds. We had no luck with the migrating birds. There wasn't much to see in fall colors either. This year more than most the colors appeared to be really varied in their intensity.

While on the trail, Ali spotted some tall american chestnut trees. Most showed signs of blight, but some appeared to be blight-free. These trees are usually gone before they reach 20-25 feet so this was a nice treat. It's fall and time for us and the dogs to be dressed in safety orange. This is an out-and-back trail. While near the turn-around point, two hunters arrived to start scouting for deer. They were hunting with bows and didn't look all that serious in their adventure, but safety is always best.

We were also able to fill-in another block for the fizzy challenge. We've not reached our last grid section to meet fizzy challenge requirements.

Ali and Gwen near a tall chestnut

Safety Gwen

Safety Phineas

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