Friday, March 28, 2014

19 October 2013 Heading South and Barkcamp State Park

Belmont was one of the shrinking lists of Ohio counties with zero finds. I needed to head south for a work meeting so we drove on Friday evening to spend the night in St. Clairsville. We had both wanted to visit Barkcamp State Park so this made a perfect trip for us. We started our morning searching for a few caches at memorial park in St. Clairsville.

We grabbed a few caches in town and managed to not find the three confirmed benchmarks within a tenth of a mile of the courthouse before making the short journey to Barkcamp. The only must visit on our list was a 2001 cache still active in the park. The park was a picture of serenity on a cool fall day. Our journey to that cache took us past a neighboring farm with some curious cows.

Sometimes a happy day of caching has nothing to do with the smiley.

We were near this quiet picnic area along the water when Ali spotted a couple of herons on the shoreline.

When we left Barkcamp, we made our way to Monroe County and added this previously unfound county to our list of Ohio counties with ten or more. We were able to revive a few lonely caches in a park along the way.

A lot...

Gave all...

... in the tiny Monroe County town of Beallsville.

The park with the historical marker and this ball diamond in the rolling landscape yielded a couple lonely caches.

Tarzan was lonely.

Jane was lonely too!

By the end of the afternoon, we were both cold and the weather was closing in. We were happy for a long day of caching as we made our way to Marietta. You never get to choose your weather so we were just happy to enjoy the day caching before the weather got worse.

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