Tuesday, April 01, 2014

21 October 2013 Big Walker Mountain

This was it. The day set aside to spend aroud Big Walker Mountain. There were caches, hiking, and a tower. Throw in a benchmark, some great views, and fall colors ro make a great day.

Our day started with an unexpected hike along the AT. It was a super stretch starting with a waterfalls near the trail head. The woods moved from leaves changing colors to large stands of rhododenren and a few orchids. It was a good way to start the day.

Big Walker is not tall by western standards, but in the east, it offers a great view. Even without climbing the tower, there's a attractive view available to southwest. We bought our tickets and we climbed. The views at the top were great while the suspension walkway was an added bit of fun.

The tower cast a long shadow on this sunny day.

It was windy and the tower was swaying a bit. I was happy, but Ali didn't stay at the top for long.

We ended our day at Comer's Rock with a few caches and sunset.

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