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25 October 2013 Grayson Highlands

We started our day with a crisp morning in Wytheville. There was no hint of snow and lots of blue sky. There are two state parks close by on my trips to Salisbury, but too far off my travel path to stop for a visit when I am traveling alone. Since we had the weekend to make it back to Ohio, we were able to stop and explore. Our journey to Grayson Highland was pleasant with a few finds and some great views along the way. As we climbing toward the park, we started spotting vehicles with snow cover. By the time we reached the park, it was clear we would be hiking in snow.

Snow or not, this is one beautiful park. The trails were outstanding, the views were grand, and there was good caching. After a week of sub-par caching in the Salisbury area, it was great to hit the trails and find some nice hides.

The old fences at the park entrance made a great prop for the early season snow we encountered. Since the roads were easy to travel and we managed the unexpected cold, we were able to enjoy a snowy day at the park.

I hadn't planned on caching in snow this early in the season. I was really happy when a park employee arrived at the office while we were there and opened the the park store for us off-hours. The warm Grayson Highlands park hoodie I purchased gave me an added layer so I could stay warm on the trails during our visit. If not for that employee, our visit would have been much less pleasant and a lot shorter. The park office also gave the great view below.

There's a small area in the park with older cabins that pre-date the park.

This early 1900's cabin was a residence until 1990. The Ingram family raised nine children in this home.

Almost a Mile High

We didn't have time take the trail that led to the area where wild horses roam the park. Maybe on a return visit...

The View From Buzzard Rock

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