Saturday, April 12, 2014

26 October 2013 Hungry Mother State Park

Hungry Mother State Park was our destination for the day. The snow of the day before was just a memory as we were hiking about 1000 feet lower with a summit of Molly's Knob at 3270 feet. We enjoyed a few caches near the water with blue skies and the leaves changing colors before hitting the woods. A few of the caches, including the one at Molly's Knob were missing, but the rest were nice hides and included a fun, lightly-found, multiple-stage projection multi.

We were treated to some mallards and ruddy ducks on the water in the morning.

Looking Out From the Trail

A Far View of Molly's Knob

At 5729 feet, Mount Rogers is the highest point in Virginia. We left that climb for another visit, but the view from Molly's Knob includes a look over to Mount Rogers.

It was amazing to see chestnut fruit in the clearing near Molly's Knob. We seen a few fruit dotting trees, but this was a large quantity of nuts.

This old stone bench is one of the park's reminders of the efforts made by the CCC in creating the park.

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