Monday, September 01, 2014

5 April 2014 Visiting The Wilderness Center

Since much of The Wilderness Center is dog free, and we usually cache with the dogs it has been years since our last visit. We also stopped attending their events when they became free-for-alls with event cache logging. Today though was a perfect day to enjoy the spring. Blue skies and birds were the order of the day with a nice helping of geocaches.

They weren't the loudest spring peepers, but they were spirited. Their sounds were music to me winter weary ears.

I've been seeing a lot of vultures on the trail lately. I've had some health problems, but I'm hoping they aren't a sign.

These horned grebes were a nice treat as we walked the large pond.

We had fun at the earthcache here using rocks in their rock garden. We both enjoyed discovering the rocks, although our level of rock interest is a little different :) (Ali: That's a .... from .... - me: mmmm... shiny)

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