Friday, September 12, 2014

6 April 2014 Sheldon Marsh

We make one or two journeys to Sheldon Marsh each year to look for birds and enjoy the walk. It was a warm spring day for this perfect walk. We were surprised with no heron sightings and the ducks were limited to mallards and distant sightings of blue-winged teals. The turtles were out for afternoon sunning. The back turtle in the image below appears to be a planking turtle.

The bird sightings were limited at Sheldon Marsh, but once we arrived at the shore of a nearby Erie Metropark we were treated to an eagle across the water and an egret fishing along the shoreline.

After looking for birds and other wildlife and looking for more caches than we found, we made our way over to Tofts for super ice cream treats. The beauty below was in the parking lot when we stopped.

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