Monday, September 29, 2014

20 April 2014 Vinton and Jackson Counties - Visiting Moonville

I wanted to visit Moonville and find the caches during our February trip, but the daylight was too short and I still wasn't up to the trip. It was good that we waited. We were treated to butterflies and spring wildflowers on a day with perfect weather. The tunnel was a fun walk and we enjoyed all the caches.

The Moonville Tunnel is an easy walk. The other end is clearly visible from the entry. The Moonville stones above the tunnel entrance are missing a few letters, the markings of an old town that no longer exists are clearly there. If you can look past the obscenities and racial trash, there are interesting bits of graffiti on the walls of the tunnels.

Once we passed through the tunnel, we were treated to butterflies and spring wildflowers. There's nothing left of Moonville, but we did find the old cache we were hunting.

This zebra swallowtail was a special treat on today's journey.

Female red-wing blackbirds are hard to spot. We were lucky to spot this one near a covered bridge at a fairground.

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