Sunday, January 11, 2015

14 September 2014 On to Shenandoah

Ali had seen a hospital's stethoscope wrapped around an apple the prior evening. We were driving past this morning when I noticed there was a regular cache on the grounds. We located a nice walking trail where the cache was hidden. We didn't expect to also spot a very nice green heron alongside a small pond beside the trail.

We looped back to a favorite farm market for apples and a pie before pushing south. While at the market we played around by the displays on the grounds.

We had time on our journey to make a stop at Sky Meadows State Park. We enjoyed the trails and the caching. Our first find was in an area filled with woodpeckers. We had a good laugh over the extremely oversized benches in the park.

We enjoyed a quiet ride from Front Royal to Skyland along Skyline Drive. It was a clear afternoon giving super views as we revisited many of the overlooks. Ali picked the view or Rocky Gap to stop and enjoy a perfect sunset.

The clear day moved into a clear, star-filled evening. The view of the stars from our deck was wonderful.

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