Monday, March 02, 2015

11 October 2014 Chapman State Park

The day was perfect for a visit to Chapman State Park, a long walk, and a trail of geocaches.

Gwen watches for muggles.

We were really surprised to find nodding lady's tresses along the trail.

It's Phineas' turn for muggle watch.

Gwen takes a rest.

We were on our way back when we stopped for a cache. There was a large pile of stones that must have been taken out of a gravel pit for road building. Normally, we would pass by this pile without noticing, but there was a cache nearby. We noticed there were a number of stones with fossils. It was an amazing pile of history.

We had no idea this was Gwen's last caching trip in Pennsylvania. This suspension bridge was the first place where Gwen overcame a long fear of these bridges. This evening it marked the end of her caching days in Pennsylvania.

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