Tuesday, March 24, 2015

29 November 2014 Rimrock

We had been to the Rimrock area before, but had never visited the overlook or walked the steps from the top to down below. The holiday weekend seemed like a great time to make a visit and hunt the multi in the area. There were no other visitors (they were smart). The driving wind and icy trails made the journey even more interesting. Phineas was excited to hit the trail and was well behaved on the icy steps. He changed is outlook when we reached the cave. He didn't like the narrow entrance. I didn't want him spooked and afraid in the confines of a cave so Ali stayed with him while I went in to explore. It was a fun outing and we luckily didn't get hurt.

Phineas is raring to go!

The view from the top gives a great view of the Allegheny Reservoir,

Icy steps on the way down

Phineas is phearless.

Phineas is phearful and doesn't like caves.

Going into the cave

This is a deep cave.

Standing on a narrow ledge

Are those eyes staring down at me or just a Bud Light can?

Ali waiting at the entrance.

We found the first stage of the multi and started walking to the final but decided the ice and rocks weren't a good mix for the day. We made our way down the road and finished the day on the North Country Trail.

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