Saturday, March 07, 2015

25 October 2014 Headlands State Park

It was a blue sky day. It was also cold and very windy. There were two geocaches at Headlands which we had not found.

Dogs aren't permitted on the beach so I stayed behind with Gwen and Phineas while Ali went to retrieve the first cache. I was able to watch the freighter Calumet as it passed by the point. They say renaming boats is bad luck. The 1973 Calumet started life as the William R. Roesch. Became the David Z. Norton and later just the David Z. It was christened Calumet in 2008. It became the second Great Lakes Freighter to wear that name. The freighter has seen a lifetime of changes in the steel industry along the Great Lakes.

Our second stop was a Lake County GeoTour cache in the dunes area. This area is also a no dogs area so they waited in the vehicle while we took a short walk to the cache. It was too cold to visit the lighthouse today so we did a short walk along the dunes trails.

The dogs had some walking in the area available to them. Gwen was still a little slow so a short walk was best for her. Phineas seemed to enjoy his day.

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