Thursday, June 04, 2015

15 March 2015 Atwood Lake

After two days of icy trails, I was determined to walk on snow and ice free ground. Ali had been caching in Tuscarawras County and knew the trails were snow free. I knew there were caches and a tower to climb :) at Atwood Lake. The water was mostly open and the trails were clear of snow. It was a fun day. Lizzie climbed about half way up the tower on her first walk and froze. I brought her back down while Ali went to the top to search for the cache. After a few minutes, Lizzie was back to the stairs and up to the top with no hesitation. Ali found the cache and we continued on our way. It was a super day out.

The tower

I couldn't find the cache.

Looking down from the top

Celebrating the find

Looking out toward the lake

Phineas phears no towers

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