Saturday, June 20, 2015

29 March 2015 Hot Stirs

The dogs were still at camp so we decided to visit Chardon to find a friend's cache which required a short walk around town to visit Ohio Historical Markers. The town square was alive with parents attending an elementary school program and people visiting the maple sugar shack. After we walked around and found the cache, we stopped for a visit at the shack and enjoyed a hot maple stir.

Maple sap is collected on the town square using the old fashioned galvanized pails.


After we left Chardon, we drove to hunt a pair of caches at Cottonwood Hollow in Lake County. We were a little early at the preserve to see wildflowers, but had a nice spring walk on the trail. We missed the second cache near the back of the property. It appeared year's ago this area was a dump for the houses at the top of the ravine. I spent time checking out the remains of an old Chevy pick-up cab.

There's the engine

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