Saturday, June 13, 2015

22 March 2015 Another view of the Eagles

We stopped on the way to Ohio for a walk along the Allegheny River by Irvine Flats. We've had success here in the past seeing ducks by the island and along the eastern shore. There were no ducks today, but there was blue sky and a clear view of the old farm equipment left from the late days of the Wilder Estate.


We don't drive through Cooperstown, Pennsylvania often, but did this afternoon. We paid a visit to Pioneer Cemetery to find a geocache hidden there. There was a marker for a Revolutionary War Veteran. The stone was very faint with the last name illegible. I took a number of images of the marker and the one next to it. The first name of the veteran was William. With an internet search I found the founder of Cooperstown was William Cooper. The grave next to his is his wife Rachel.

The marker for William Cooper, town founder and Revolutionary War Veteran will soon give way to the weather with the marked face spalling off.

His wife Rachel's marker will soon have the same fate.

We stopped by the beach at Conneaut Lake to look for ducks. Most of the ice was gone so the ice fishing antics were over for the year, but the water was filled with ducks.

Redhead Ducks

The readhead ducks are joined by a pair of lesser scaups and a pair of coots.

We made a return trip to where we had seen an eagle the afternoon before and were rewarded this afternoon with the pair sitting in a tree within view. It was a super way to end the afternon.

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