Wednesday, August 03, 2016

2 May 2016 Traveling South of the Border

Cleveland Hopkins used to be a relatively easy airport to travel to and from. It is quickly losing that attraction with insanely long lines of travelers trying to clear TSA checkpoints. United has only aggravated the situation by monetizing the TSA process. TSA Precheck and everyone else has now morphed into multiple lines divided by United Club memberships. They have created an unpleasant and stressful zoo. About halfway through the line, it became apparent the couple in front of me had no chance of wading through the line and catching their flight. :(

Hopefully the weather will be better in Monterrey.

The weather didn't matter much as the hotel was guarded by three trucks of Federales on the first evening. Fifteen people walking around with very serious weapons greatly reduces my desire for even a short after-work walk. I almost never have a balcony on these trips. This evening, I would have preferred a more secure room with an apparent danger requiring overnight guards.

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