Tuesday, August 09, 2016

6 May 2016 Skok Meadow

Skok Meadow is a holding in Lake Metroparks. It has been a passive park giving a quiet walk and experience compared to the other Lake Metroparks holdings. We stopped by for a quiet visit and a cache. The park is seeing more improvements, but still offered a quiet walk this evening.

I was hoping for more variety in wildflowers, but we did spot very nice phlox near the stream.

We also spotted a new suspension bridge by the stream. :) It's a great looking bridge with a nice span for bouncing.

The bridge planks are a little to far apart for doggy comfort,

but Phineas is phearless. He walked all the way across and back.

Lizzie may have stepped on a board or two before turning around and walking away.

Lizzie missed a nice view of a pleasant stream.

Ali took a turn crossing the bridge while I wrangled Phin and Lizzie.

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