Thursday, August 11, 2016

7 May 2016 Heading East in Pennsylvania

We were on our way to Warren and stopped for a couple geocaches in a favorite gamelands. Spring wildflowers were plentiful including carpets of trilliums along a small stream.

We moved on to a rail trail and found a few caches before a storm moved in. I also spotted an undamaged ceramic insulator. These are a true piece of the railroad heritage of this bike and hike path. Insulators are common along the trails, but we have spotted very few still intact.

The bean field not far from home was a sea of yellow this afternoon.

A new puzzle cache was placed recently in Warren. The puzzle requires walking around downtown Warren and gathering information to answer questions. Warren has its problems and needs real leadership, but it's an attractive small town. This evening it was at its best.

Nice toes!

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