Wednesday, November 09, 2016

5 June 2016 Westline

We've enjoyed Westline and were happy to make a return to the trail for another visit. It had been a wet morning, but we had a break in the weather to enjoy a few caches.

The caches along the trail were part of a series located near natural objects the cache owner viewed and anthropomorphic. One of the caches was placed near the tree below which appears to have a face.

The cache owner didn't spot the tree below, but I thought it looked like the scream.

We left Westline with the plan to spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying some walks for caches in the ANF. By the time we reached our first parking area, it was clear from the ugly, dark clouds moving in that this would be a short afternoon on the trail. We walked out for the cache and enjoyed a great stream but hurried our walk a bit. We were lucky to return to the Subaru before the rain came in earnest. It was a nail biting drive but we later learned we were lucky to be in McKean County rather than our home county of Warren where a tornado with 90mph winds wreaked havoc.

By the time we were back to Warren the rain had passed. I had seen a mid-70's Grand Prix sitting with a for sale sign for a few weeks. We stopped so I could take a look.

My brother drove one like this when he was young. His had a red interior while this one was a dark color. Beyond that the color was the same. Those many years ago, my brother loved his car. I expect he would be over the top for a chance to drive one round for fun again and maybe visit a few cruises. This one looked very clean from the road. It looked clean on first approach too. It was only when I saw the rust damage around the rear window that I knew this would be very short lived fun and huge expenses to keep intact. :(

We made one last stop for a walk along the Allegheny River and a chance to spot a large stand of iris in bloom.

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