Saturday, December 03, 2016

12 July 2016 Priest Reservoir

I was in Tennessee for business and waiting in Nashville for a staff member to join me from Spokane. My Nashville visit did not start out great as I arrived at the National counter to find a nearly empty parking area...

and a number of customers waiting for rental cars.

The staff seemed to understand that waiting in a garage on an 88 degree could become uncomfortable. They brought us bottles of water. I would have thought technology could be used to help National match the number of cars need to the number of reservations. ;-)

The cars eventually showed up, and I was off with my rental. With a couple hours wait, my plan was to visit Priest Reservoir for a few caches in the Army Corps Cook Recreation area.

It seems like most of the country is dotted with these recreation areas built by the Army Corps then allowed to fall into ruin. This one with an old abandoned campground was no exception.

The shoreline at Priest Reservoir was an attractive place to spend some time.

I was also happy to spot a heron in a tree across the water. I was also able to see him fly directly in front of me as he made his way to a more distant spot to fish on shore.

This was a peaceful place to find a few caches and get some exercise while waiting. Unfortunately, it was also a perfect place for my first chiggers of the year. :-O

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