Monday, December 26, 2016

28 July 2016 Rainy Day

Most of our vacations include at least one rainy day. This trip had more than one.

The rain was hard and steady. The roads were covered with standing water and wet slippery mud. We brought our Mazda on this trip rather than one of the Subarus. This rain and the slick roads made me reconsider that decision.

Eventually the rain let up so we stopped for a visit to the Scioto Brush Creek Nature Preserve.

Translucent mushrooms

Northern sea oats

It doesn't take much to make the streams muddy here. It is very different from the rocky or sandy bottom streams I am used to seeing.

We spotted large gatherings of butterflies after all the rain. We finally realized they appeared to be gathering to drink the rain water.

This tree is claimed to be the state's largest buckeye. At a claimed height of 109 feet it towers over Ali.

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