Thursday, December 08, 2016

17 July 2016 Monterrey Rocks

I was in Mexico for the week which usually means no time on the trail. On a previous visit I enjoyed a visit to a park and a few geocache finds. Today with the longer day, it was time to head to one of the many mountains surrounding the city for a little climbing. First we made a stop at a park near our climb.

The elevated bike course that wound through the park was interesting,

but paled in comparison to the hike to the peak which included some great looking foot bridges and steps that I wanted to visit. It looked seriously dangerous, but I wanted to do that trail.

I also found out the ruins of the house below were open and could be visited if you were willing to make the climb. Maybe on another visit...

We scouted for a place to climb. This point was deemed too steep.

This one was just right.

The view back from the first flat before the climb became steep

The rocks are dotted with small openings and rooms. We spotted this one first. It was only a small opening.

This one was quite large with water flowing through two channels.

We stopped before reaching the top. The path and climbing points had disappeared while the footing below had become shifting rock with loose vegetation that reminded me of a talus slope. Our progress slowed to a point where our return would be near dark. We had a good climb and enjoyed great views.

Still to go

A look back from our highest point

I leave my camera in the states for these trips. The iPhone has become a reasonable way to capture these adventures, but always leaves me disappointed when attempting to capture an image of the smaller animals I see on a journey. Of the many lizards, butterflies, and birds seen, the lizard below was the best of the images. :(

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