Sunday, January 13, 2008

11 January 2008 Chestnut Ridge

I have never gone two months without a find in New York since we started caching. After a two month dry spell, I was able to leave my office early enough to stop for a few caches on my way home. My first stop was a trail a few miles from my office. The wind was howling. I must have been a great illustration of the story where the wind and the sun try to get a man to remove his coat. The harder the wind blew, the more tightly I held on to my coat and my hat. Brrrr... A little persistence and a nice multi was found.

When I left the first cache I made my way to Chestnut Ridge. This is one of the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area parks that I have made a personal goal of finding all the caches here in 2008. After a quick walk to a newer cache by the parking area, I was ready to tackle the final of a multi I have wanted to finish for over a year. I had a great walk to the final and a peaceful visit to this amazing place. Funny, I've never seen this place any other time than late fall or winter. I think I'll wait until spring to continue my hunt in this park.

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