Sunday, January 06, 2008

5 January 2008 Caching Elyria

I had pent-up caching demand. I hoped to make a stop in Chestnut Ridge while in the Falls area, but didn't leave my office until after 4. Saturday had to be the day to catch up in trail time. GG came by early in the morning and after a stop in the Rocky River Reservation for a nice cache, the three of us were on our way to Elyria. We spent most of the day in a small cluster around Cascade Park. Despite times when the rain was really steady, we had a fun day. Cascade Park has some great views and two outstanding waterfalls. The top area in the photo is the sad scene of a place where two bears were held captive in a cage for years. The cage was active until the early 80's. A concrete pad remains outlining a shallow denn and as a reminder of the terrible home those bears must have had.

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