Sunday, January 13, 2008

12 January 2008 Canal Fulton

We're not finding a lot of caches these days. We're still caching a lot, but we're back to that stage where three or four are just fine and ten or twelve is a long day. Today was another quiet day of just being together. We planned to visit Canal Fulton to walk the towpath and a local rail trail. We got started late and walked into town for a benchmark so our finds stopped at four, but in between we got a quiet walk on the towpath and a chance to walk around this little town.

The towpath and the canal area is really interesting. We aren't normally attracted to touristy things, but if the restored canal boat were running today, we would have been riding it. As it was, we both noted when the season opened so maybe we can stop back for a few of the remaining caches and a ride into the past.

The sun was perfect. The little shop in town where we stopped for sandwichs and shakes with a ginger beer to go was peaceful. It was a good time to remember it's not about the numbers.

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