Tuesday, March 18, 2008

16 March 2008 Spring Fever starts to settle in

On our way home we stopped and walked Irvine Flats. We both pondered which animal made the little snow divets. It seemed to have rooted under the snow and stopped at points to push the snow up. We had never seen these trails before, yet they were everywhere today. Ali spotted a few mergansers and some other ducks that the dogs flushed before we did. As usual, my camera was everywhere but on the birds. We got to hear a lot of early migrating birds. On the last leg of the trail I spotted my quarry, skunk cabbage. Yes, I have reaffirmation that spring will eventually arrive.

With daylight savings time, we still had time for a lively walk through Big Creek when we reached Ohio. The sunshine on the snow as we walked through the hemlocks almost made me grateful for winter (almost, but not quite). Near the end of our walk we were treated to a very nice sunset through the trees along the ridge.

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