Thursday, March 27, 2008

21 March 2008 Pent-up Caching Demand

Flooded French Creek

Stream on the Way to Big Four Rocks

I got into town about 4 1/2 hours later than planned on Thursday. We had hoped to cache in Lorain County after I got back. With that plan falling through, I really wanted to get out on Friday. We were heading to PA and decided to stop at a gamelands to hunt a few caches. The snow was high and the walking was a little tough, but we managed to find one of the two caches. On the way back, we got off the path and into a really wet area. As we walked the crusty snow would collapse and we would fall through the snow into the icy water below. It was hours before I could feel my toes.

Despite the cold, we decided to head for a cache on French Creek. The cache was placed by a new hider. When we got to the area, we realized that the hide location was about 20-30 yards out in the flood waters of French Creek. I think we'll return in May. :-)

Not to be defeated we headed home, dried off, and went back out. After a 30 degree uphill in the Big Four Rocks area, we dnf'd the cache. There were large pools of frozen water everwhere near ground zero. It was a great hike and one of those places where if you must have a dnf, it should be at a cool place you don't mind visiting again.

The day didn't do much to curb my caching frustration (or work frustration), but it was great exercise and we visited some nice areas.

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